Driveway Bell

Air Hose Driveway Bell Alarms are the most common vehicle detection system used by gas stations, body shops and other places with heavy vehicle traffic.

Since the system only alarms when a heavy object move over the hose, false alarms are limited.

Rubber hose driveway sensors are quick and easy to install and signal a wireless chime or bell inside your building.

Driveway Doorbells

It is convenient to have a doorbell by your front door but wouldnít it be even more convenient to know that someone was coming before they get to your door? What if you are a business that experiences a fluctuation in car traffic and customer traffic? Wouldnít it be nice to know that someone was coming before they walked through your door and catch you off guard? If the answer is yes, and it should be, then maybe itís time to start thinking about getting a driveway doorbell.

What is a Driveway Doorbell?

The answer is pretty simple. A driveway doorbell functions as a car alert device. They come in several parts. The main part is a heavy duty rubber hose that lays across your driveway so cars can roll over it on their way in. They are designed to send a signal when enough weight is applied to the hose. This signal triggers a bell chime to alert you of a cars presence. There are a couple different types of driveway door bells depending on your needs. Several options can be seen here.

Wired Driveway Bells

Wired driveway bells are used for small areas. The bell connects directly to the rubber hose and goes off when the pressure change is great enough for it to recognize. These options are the original types of alarms and are only typically used in small areas. They are barely used anymore as technology has progressed to give you a better alert system with less rubber hose.

Wireless Driveway Bells

This is the type of bell that is used most often nowadays. They use the same concept before except instead of being attached to the bell itself they send a signal when the wire is tripped. This gives you a greater distance between the bell itself and the rubber hose. This particular device is easy to install and can send an alert signal up to Ĺ a mile away! Another type of device allows for more customization to the receiver. Both transmitters are weather proof and operate on a single 9-volt battery. Both of these devices are easy to use and install. You can also purchase parts for them from this webpage.

Whether itís for your home or for your business a wireless driveway bell device is the way to go. Why use more rubber tubing than you have to? You can get more distance with a wireless device than you can the traditional tube and bell combination and itís just as easy to install. If you are looking for a better alert system then the driveway bell is for you. It can be used in almost any application and it doesnít require having to pay someone to install it. They are affordable and easy to install. You canít ask for a better combination.