Driveway Vehicle Sensor

Vehicle Sensing Driveway Alarms use magnetic, metal sensing probes to detect moving metal. The probes can be buried, or just placed near the area you wish to monitor.

With this type of system you will never pick up animals, people etc. and will only receive an alarm when a large metal object such as a vehicle moves nearby.

These days, you can get so many gadgets that improve the security of your properties and keep you safe and secured. One of these gadgets is the Driveway Vehicle Sensor. It can be installed to monitor the driveway that normally leads into your vehicle. The preference of such an alarm depends on the intensity of safety you would like to have. There are so many range of this sensor available in the marketplace; you have the right to choose any one according to your personal preferences. Nevertheless, the more powerful the system, the higher the price will be.

What is a driveway vehicle sensor?

An alarm driveway vehicle sensor is a valuable addition to the safety and protection of your vehicles and home. It consists of a transmitter and receiver and is available in both wired and wireless models. A wireless system is the kind easier and more convenient to install. When choosing a system for your home, first consider the extent of protection you will need. If desired, install the system yourself about half the cost of a professional installation.

A driveway vehicle sensor usually consists of two parts: one is the sensor, and the other one is a radio receiver. The former is kept close to the opening, in a not so conspicuous peak of the driveway. At the time of fixing, it should be ensured that the space in between the receiver and the sensor is not more than the precise limits. Each time a moving object comes in the way of the beam of the sensor, a radio signal is delivered to the receiver to trigger the alarm.

A Superior driveway sensor incorporates a sensor that detects only metallic objects. That means it won’t put the alarm ringing if an animal enters the driveway. This type of sensor works on small batteries or solar power.

Installing a wireless driveway alarm system